21 Best Recruitment Software & Tools for Top Producing Recruiter in 2019

We asked hundreds of recruiters what tools they’re using to make recruitment better in  2019 and here are their picks to make recruitment better for 2019. 

Why Did we Make This Survey? 

Recruiting is not an easy process. As a recruiter, it’s no secret that you want to acquire the best candidates possible for your company. There are a few common challenges you will face during your recruitment journey, from finding the right candidates to fighting your competition for these candidates. Let’s not forget how much of a struggle it is to reach out to these candidates and to get a response back from them. The good news is, there are several tools to make the recruitment process less painful. That is why we put together a list of 21 tools we believe will make your life a little easier. 


Tired of booleans? Yes, us too. That’s why we love sourcing tools. Sourcing can be time consuming reading thousands of profiles to find the few that you really want to hire. Where do you even start to look for them and how do you know they will be the best fit based on your requirements? These tools will drastically reduce the time you spend writing booleans or scouring the web for candidates. 

LinkedIn Recruiter

We all know Linkedin Recruiter. If you’re not aware of what it can do, here’s a very lite overview. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to easily find, connect with, and manage candidates. You can use their messaging system, InMail, to message prospective candidates. 

The best part about Linkedin Recruiter, in our honest opinion is simply that you can see who’s more active and looking for jobs! Boom! Rather than wasting your time messaging candidates that are asleep and so happy at their work, you can pick the ones that are eager to move to a new company. This allows you to save a lot of time and hire the right candidates faster. The cherry on top is that they also have some of the most robust advanced search,filters, spotlights, and smart suggestions to help you be a magician. Use the filters to your advantage and define the talent you’re looking for while prioritizing candidates who are open to hearing from you. You can also keep up to date with your prospective candidates by getting notified when they update their LinkedIn Profile.

Tips on using LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • 75% of recruiters said they were more successful with LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Find the right candidates fast by using advanced search filters to search through LinkedIn’s massive member networks.
  • You get 150 InMail messages a month to connect with candidates who are actively looking for jobs and open to hearing from you (customize the number of inmails with enterprise).


Zapinfo is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to save a significant amount of time by automating nearly every step of recruiting.

It focuses on acquiring and managing top candidates’ information. You can capture data from the internet and use it to reach more talent in less time. You can “zap” contacts from nearly any website and pull information such as business card data or resume profile data. No more wasting time searching for email addresses, contact information, or social media profiles. After finding the desired contact information (email address, company name, current title, phone number, etc.), you can use Zapinfo to import it to your CRM. You can also export your contacts to CSV or PDF files.

Tips on using Zapinfo:

  • Save a lot of time on the recruitment process by using Zapinfo to automate nearly every step of it.
  • Use ZapSearch to find matching talent on most search engines, social networks, or job boards.
  • Zapinfo pulls business card data or resume profile data to help you find valuable contact information -- email address, company name, current title, and phone number.
  • Export the contacts you “zapped” to CSV or PDF files.


Hiretual allows you to source and consolidate all of your talent pools into a single pipeline and find the best candidates before your competitors do. Their new sourcing AI has been making some noise as well. 

You can use Hiretual to build candidate personas easily by having suggestions based on the most relevant job titles, skills, etc. Finding the best-matched candidates is simplified because Hiretual prioritizes the best matches based on 100+ factors to make sure you’re getting the best possible results. It analyzes candidates profiles and provides insights on professional experience, expertise, availability, and market value. 

Hiretual also allows you to find anyone’s email address, phone number, and social media profiles. You can use their email integration to email multiple prospective candidates in a few clicks. After your initial outreach, Hiretual also lets you automate your follow up emails while offering you tracking insights on opens, clicks, and reply rates.

Tips on using Hiretual:

  • Hiretual suggests the most relevant job titles, skills, etc. to help you easily build your candidate personas.
  • Build talent pipeline across 700M+ professional profiles from across 30+ public platforms.
  • Prioritize your best matches based on 100+ factors.
  • Analyze candidate profiles  and gain insight on professional experience, expertise, availability, and market value.


SeekOut provides you with a comprehensive database that gives you a full-scope view of talent you can’t find anywhere else. They use AI-powered features that are fine-tuned for relevance to help you quickly land the right candidate for your exact target position.

After you find your ideal prospective candidate, you can use SeekOut to find verified contact information. This is extremely helpful because you will be able to reach out to prospective candidates where they are most likely to respond. 

Tips on using SeekOut:

  • Find the best qualified candidates for your exact target position based on the search results that are tuned for relevance. 
  • Get a better response rate by reaching out to candidates through verified email addresses and social profiles, where they are more likely to respond.

Indeed Prime

Unliked indeed, Indeed Prime is not a post and pray waiting for a magical unicorn to apply to your job. Indeed Prime  allows users to connect with candidates that are actively looking for a job. It is like speed dating. It’s fast and competitive but it works. It allows you to find the right candidates that are actively looking for jobs, the challenge is everyone on that platform is competing for the same 50,000 candidates.

In case you thought that wasn’t enough, Indeed Prime allows you to schedule and track all of your prospective candidates that you reach out to in one place, saving you time. It’s like their on mini-crm. You can track who you messaged,  set up interviews based on your candidates’ availability, and make sure you get the call. Lastly, they have analytics to track response rates and rejection reasons.

Tips on using Indeed Prime:

  • Reduce time and effort by scheduling and tracking your candidates all in one place.
  • Find the right fit with access to candidates who have the experience and skills you’re looking for.
  • Use Indeed Prime’s analytics to view your response rates and rejection reasons.
  • Save money by using a subscription plan instead of paying per hire.


Engage allows you to discover new passive candidate pools before your competitors. 

Engage excels by predicting when people are ready to change jobs and giving you the tools to be the first to reach them, at the right time with the right message. Engage provides daily actionable alerts of changes impacting your passive candidates while providing you information on their availability to engage in a conversation about a job change. This greatly helps with sourcing and outreach because you will get more responses by knowing when and how to target your candidates.

Tips on using Engage:

  • Conduct market and talent research to predict when passive candidates are ready to change jobs.
  • Quadruple your response rate by knowing when and how to target your candidates.
  • Beat your competitors by taking advantage of Engage’s daily actionable alerts to let you know when your passive candidates are open to engage in a job change conversation.


Now that you have found your ideal prospective candidates, it’s time to reach out to them. Cold communication doesn’t always get a response. So what is the best way to reach out and get a better response rate? Check out the tools below to get yourself noticed by your prospective candidates.


Gmass is a mass email campaign tool that you can use directly inside of Gmail by using a Google Chrome extension.

A helpful feature Gmass has is the option to send campaigns as a reply. This results in higher engagement and ultimately response rates because your email campaigns become part of existing conversations instead of creating new ones. You can also use Gmass to schedule automatic follow-up emails that will be sent in sequence until the recipient replies or opens the desired email.

Tips on using Gmass:

  • Send mass email campaigns right inside of Gmail and get the highest open rates you’ve ever seen.
  • Create email lists containing recipients you want to email based on Gmail’s search features. 
  • Get better engagement from your candidates by sending campaigns as replies instead of new emails.
  • Increase your response rates by using automatic follow-up emails until your recipient opens or replies.


Mixmax is an email tool that seeks to improve your productivity by allowing you to do things such as track email opens, schedule meetings, and schedule outbound emails. 

Mixmax has a lot of useful features that simplify prospective candidate outreach. It allows you to craft professional emails using their templates, which can be previewed through a web browser before sending. You can also insert things such as polls and surveys directly in your email.

After sending out your email, you can use Mixmax to track your insights and analytics. You can see when your emails are opened and who has opened them, allowing you to follow up in a timely manner. 

Tips on using Mixmax:

  • Email tracking lets you know exactly who opened your email and when.
  • Save time by using Mixmax’s one-click scheduling -- your recipient simply just clicks their preferred time to meet.
  • Write emails and schedule them to send at a later time, when you know your recipients will read them.


SalesLoft provides tools to help you stand out and be more than just another email. 

You can use SalesLoft to personalize where it counts. Personalization is helpful in getting responses, but it may not always be ideal to personalize every single email you send out. SalesLoft allows you to prioritize your emails by tier. You can focus on personalizing higher-tiered accounts while automating lower-tiered accounts. You can personalize messages through text, embedded videos, or attachments. SalesLoft allows you to utilize A/B testing by creating variants and auto-distributing them, helping you focus on which strategy is getting you the most responses.

SalesLoft also offers other useful tools such as timezone detection and email tracking. You will know the best time to send your emails and when to follow up with your prospective candidates.

Tips on using SalesLoft:

  • Save time and prioritizing accounts so you can personalize where it counts -- focus your efforts on higher-tiered accounts while automating lower-tiered accounts. 
  • Step up your personalization with text, embedded videos, and attachments.
  • Find out what content is the best content to send with A/B testing.
  • Receive notifications on opens, clicks, and responses.


Outreach allows you to grow engagement through intelligent pipeline generation and voice/email, which can be directly accessed from whatever application you’re working in.

You can use Outreach to combine calling, texting, email, and social media to reach out to your prospective candidates where they’re most likely to respond.

Outreach also has other helpful features such as email tracking and the ability to book and hold meetings right within the app.

Tips on using Outreach:

  • Save time using features such as sequences, A/B testing, personalized messages, custom schedules, and reply detection.
  • Create triggers to automatically add prospective candidates to the right sequences and to contact them at the right time.
  • Use a combination of calling, texting, email, and social media messaging to reach your candidates where they’re most likely to respond. 
  • Use Outreach’s robust meeting tools to help you book and hold more meetings. 


Dripeo enables you to create personalized video messages that you can embed directly into your emails and inmails to get 3x response rates. 

Dripeo helps you stand out of your candidates’ inbox by grabbing their attention with video. By adding a personalized video to your email or inmail, you are showing your recipient that you took the time and effort to do a little bit of research on them. This can help boost your response rate up to 3x. 

Tips on using Dripeo:

  • Easily personalize your emails and inmails by adding a Dripeo video message.
  • You can either use the web interface or Google Chrome extension to record your videos.
  • Record your face, your screen, or both!
  • Stand out in your candidates’ inbox and bask in the glory of better response rates.

Video Screening

Once you’ve got the desired response from your prospective candidates, it’s time to move on to the next process of the recruitment process. Video screening is a great way to interview your prospective clients. It’s easy to do, convenient, and can be cost-efficient. The tools below are great examples of how video screening can help with hiring the right candidate.


SparkHire believes that video interviews can greatly enrich your recruiting efforts. Video interviews can help everyone involved in the hiring process make better decisions in terms of which candidates to move forward with.

Your candidates have the option of completing the interview at their own time and you can review the interview on your own time as well. This will help boost your productivity because you can review multiple submissions and compare them without having to worry about scheduling endless interviews.

Tips on using SparkHire:

  • Worry less about trying to schedule interviews and playing the dreaded email/phone tag game.
  • Invite your candidates to complete a digital screening on their own time, which you can review at your own convenience.


TopPick is a service that allows you to automate your video screening. The days of playing email and phone tag trying to schedule an interview are over. All you have to do is invite your candidates to complete a video interview, which you can review at your convenience.

TopPick allows you to screen your candidates more efficiently. You can gain more insight into your candidates at a faster rate than traditional phone calls and also, skip the back and forth for scheduling. 

Tips on using TopPick:

  • Save time by having your candidates complete a video interview on their own time.
  • Review candidate submissions on your own time and easily share the videos with the hiring team.
  • Worry less about scheduling multiple interviews with multiple candidates by having them self-record video answers to your interview questions.


Keep track of the conversations with candidates that stated it’s not the right time or even completely ignored you. It’s important to keep the notes in one place so that the next time you or a teammate reaches out, it’s warm and personal. That’s where a candidate relationship tool comes in.


Greenhouse is a service that allows you to build and organize your talent network through an ATS but a few years ago, they also launched their CRM.

Their ATS + CRM combo allows you to classify and engage the talent in your database by grouping your talent into customizable groups. You can set follow-up reminders and send targeted emails based on these groups to keep your relationships growing at every stage of the recruitment process. Now, with the CRM enhancements you can keep track of a lot more notes as well. 

Greenhouse’s CRM in one sentence helps you track your relationships over time. Review your most recent communications and set reminders to ensure you keep up to date with your relationships.

Tips on using Greenhouse:

  • Your most valuable asset is your talent network.
  • Constantly nurture your talent network so you’re always a step ahead when the opportunity to hire arises.
  • Organize your talent network into customizable groups to make engagement faster and easier.
  • Use reminders to make sure you’re keeping up with your relationships.


Loxo offers recruitment solution to track and manage candidates and business contacts through email and calendar integration, marketing automation, a mobile web app, and analytics and reporting. It rapidly grew within the recruitment community due to their easy enhancements that help with finding contacts, organizing candidates and getting responses. 

Tips on using Loxo:

  • Email and calendar integration automates your data entry and helps you manage all of your tasks. 
  • Loxo’s marketing automation allows you to personalize and save time by sending out bulk emails.
  • Take your contacts with you wherever you go from any browser, including mobile browsers.


Beamery lets companies engage with passive candidates long before they even apply. It can be easily integrated with your current recruiting system. 

Beamery allows companies to build and nurture their relationships with passive candidates. You can manage your communications with passive talent based on categories such as role, seniority, or by their activity and level of engagement. Maintaining these relationships and engaging with your passive clients will help reduce costs and time to hire by reducing your reliance on job ads.

Tips on using Beamery:

  • Accelerate passive recruiting by engaging with passive candidates long before they even apply.
  • Beamery allows you to track every touchpoint and gives your team a strategic advantage to reduce hiring cycles. 
  • Reduce data entry by sourcing directly from web pages or by importing existing contact lists.


Smashfly believes that your CRM software should enable you to know your potential talent even before they apply by building candidate profiles and nurturing leads. 

They offer a service to improve finding and engaging with candidates through pipeline intelligence, automated sourcing, talent discovery, and data enrichment.

Tips on using SmashFly: 

  • Get to know your prospective candidates before they apply.
  • SmashFly uses AI to deliver you relevant information you need to build relationships with your prospective candidates. 
  • Send automated email campaigns to prospective candidates you’ve already attracted


Gr8people wants to change your current engagement strategy by allowing you to engage with prospective candidates in a more personalized and automated matter.

How do you currently engage with and manage your talent pipeline? This service wants to help you better connect, nurture, and convert your top candidates into applicants. They strive to do this by using a CRM inspired by marketing, with a focus on talent acquisition.

Tips on using Gr8people:

  • Use digital technology to your advantage to better connect, nurture, convert your best candidates into applicants.
  • Gr8people allows you to engage with your talent pool in a more personalized and automated manner, allowing you to focus on more important things like interacting and hiring the best talent.


There are hundreds of tools that you need to know to enhance your recruitment processes. It is important to review tools and select the ones that will work for you. We understand that demos of new products can be cumbersome and even at times, annoying, but it’s important to keep a lookout on how to differentiate your team’s ability to win the talent war.

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