5 Video Stats You Must Know for 2019

Dripeo and Made in America movement gathered data from over 500 resources to understand what the impact of video can be for American made businesses.

We asked 5 questions that would summarize the main points to answer, "Will video e-mail help my company grow?" Here’s what we’ve found out.

As all surveys, the numbers can have a small margin of error, but here is what we discovered.

Did video e-mail make a positive impact on the growth of your business?

76% saw a positive impact on their business
24% did not see the impact they desired

Did you see more e-mail replies with video?

81% of users saw more replies to their videos.
19% did not see the reply rate boost they were expecting.

Did video increase clicks and engagement of your e-mails?

87% of users saw more clicks and time spent on their e-amils.
13% did not see the click rate that the user expected.

Did video increase conversions?

69% of users saw an increase in conversions.
31% did not see the boost that they hoped for.

Did video help you close more deals?

85% of users stated they were able to close more deals with video.
15% of users did not see the increase that they were expecting.

Before we end we want to share a quick highlight from one of our first users Nick, COO of a fast growing startup that raised over $2M. Dripeo worked closely with Nick’s team to understand what the impact of video could be. Here’s the exact e-mail that he sent us after we got out initial tests of over 800 emails with video. We whited out the titles and details of the user because it was campaigns that worked and needed to be kept undisclosed for their business growth.

Final Thoughts About Video

The numbers tell a story that video e-mail has a very high chance of making a bottom line impact in 2019. If you're not testing it to see if it would work for you, you're leaving opportunity on the table. There are many services that allow you try video for free and Dripeo.com is one that has a 30 day trial, a longer period than most of the other vendors out there. Shameless plug, try it and if it doesn't work, no worries. It was a free trial.